2018 Las Vegas Market Reports / High Rise Condos

At Luxury Real Estate Advisors we are making every effort to enrich the buying and selling process for our clients. We recently became the first full-service real estate brokerage to retain the services of a seasoned data analyst. This addition will enable us to provide our clientele with comprehensive sales data. Some of the reporting and analytics you can expect to receive will encompass the following metrics:

  • 10-year appreciation data per building (by unit type)
  • 10-year historical leasing data per building (by unit type)
  • Analysis illustrating increased/decreased rent premiums (furnished vs. unfurnished)

Over the past five to ten-year period we have largely experienced increased property values; however, certain unit types have proven to remain flat and in some instances have actually declined in value over the same period of time.  

Contact us to for a list of buildings and floor plans that have performed best. 


Gary K. Fisher

Gary K. Fisher